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Are you unsure as to the pipework insulation wall thickness you need? Are you unsure whether you need extra thick pipe insulation or something a little bit thinner? If so you've come to the place. Our vast range of insulation thicknesses give you all the options you. 

Different pipes will require different pipework insulation thickness depths depending on the application. Here at, we supply the full range of insulation in every wall thickness available. We stock all the thermal insulation thickness depths including refrigerant piping insulation and thickness grades manufactured by vital industry leading brands including Rockwool, Armacell, Knauff and Kaimann.

Do you need the pipes in your plumbing and heating system insulating? The small bore copper pipes commonly used may only need relatively thin insulation such as 13mm to provide adequate protection. However, if you have an industrial oil or maritime application with large bore outside steam pipes, then a much thicker insulation wall will be required - perhaps up to 50mm thick. We have these insulation thicknesses covered and everything else in between!

Pipework insulation thickness options to suit all pipe sizes!

  • Make sure to check the minimum thickness you'll need before you make your purchase. If your lagging is not thick enough, your pipes are likely to lose a lot of heat which can prove costly in the long run.
  • We stock all the most common size and lagging thicknesses including 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm - plus many more
  • Check documentation in the product description to ensure you have the correct insulation thickness for your job.
  • If in doubt, remember that extra thick pipe insulation always wins out as you'll lose less heat and so save money in the long run! 

So choose the recommended pipework insulation thickness that your job needs. If in doubt, why not call our sales team on 0161 775 1190? They'll be happy to help.

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