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Loft Insulation Rolls

Your loft is the most crucial area of your house that requires insulating. If you haven't got an adequate number of loft insulation rolls to cover the whole loft space, you could be wasting hundreds of pounds a year. Here at, we supply a wide range of roof, attic and loft insulation rolls from the industry leading manufacturers including Rockwool, Isover and Knauff.

All our loft and attic insulation rolls are made from various materials including mineral wool. Mineral wool is one of the most energy efficient loft insulation materials available.

Easy to Install Loft, Roof and Attic Insulation Rolls

Our rolls are supplied pre-split which means they're super easy to install. Just cut to your preferred width to fit between the joists in your loft. Simple!

In addition to the thermal insulation properties of our loft roof insulation, they also provide great acoustic protection - significantly reducing ambient noise.

Loft Insulation Rolls - Features and Benefits:

  • 25% of energy is lost through your roof. Loft Insulation is a simple way to stop this.
  • Long lasting. Just fit and forget. Your initial cost will be repaid many times over with increased energy savings!

Why not start saving today and insulate your loft with one of our extensive range of roof and loft insulation. We have lots in stock and all at great prices.

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