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Foam Pipe Insulation

If you're looking for the best range of foam pipe insulation options, then you've come to the right place. We stock everything from grey foam insulation to Polyethylene Insulation, foam rubber pipe insulation and more. Armacell are the industry leading manufacturer of foam pipe insulation, and here at, we stock their full range, whatever the application.

Polyethylene Insulation & Grey Foam Insulation

If it's economical grey foam insulation you need then look no further. We have the full range of Armacell Tubolit Polyethylene Insulation ready for dispatch. This is an ideal way of insulating your standard plumbing and domestic heating pipes. The bonus is, it will help reduce your heating bills!

We also stock the full range of Armacell Armaflex class O nitrile foam rubber pipe insulation. This is designed for indoor use and is more flexible than polyethylene grey foam insulation. It is available as a full tube version. You need to cut it yourself and re-seal around your pipes. Or, if you're in a hurry, why not use our pre-cut, self seal version? This cuts installation times by 30%. Armaflex Class O is also available as long continuous coils which are used primarily in the Air Conditioning sector.

Armaflex HT is the foam pipe insulation designed specifically for outdoor use. This EPDM foam material is fully weather-proof and UV resistant. It won't require painting or further treatment. It's also ideal for use in solar pipework. It can withstand temeperatures of up to 150 degrees celcius.

Foam Pipe Insulation - Features and Benefits:

  • We stock the full range of foam pipe insulation from the industry leader Armacell. Including Tubolit, Armaflex Self-Seal and HT.
  • We have foam pipe insulation to suit any budget. From our Grey Foam polyethylene insulation, to our premium outdoor HT EPDM foam rubber.
  • All types of Insulation for any application. Be it plumbing, heating, outdoor and many more!

So whichever type of pipe insulation you require, we stock the right one for the job. Why not order some today? Our sales staff are available and happy to help.

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