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Soundproofing Sheets and Padding

Our Soundproof Sheeting and padding is a brilliant solution for removing unwanted noise from both domestic and industrial installations. We supply sheeting from the industry leaders in acoustic foam -Kaiflex Kaisound and Armacell Armasound. Our sound proofing sheets are available in both self-adhesive and plain-backed. The sheets are made from flexible foam and can be used in a wide range of acoustic applications. You may have noisy pipes or ductwork - our self-adhesive soundproofing sheet will stop those unwelcome bangs and clangs.

The foam sheets are flexible and are easily cut with a sharp knife. Installation is a breeze - with a pre-applied adhesive back - take off the protective backing and stick in the desired location. Our plain backed soundproofing padding is just as easy to cut and install but will require the use of an insulation adhesive.

The soundproofing sheets also make a great acoustic lining for enclosure walls, as well as inside equipment cabinets and acoustic enclosures.

Soundproofing Sheets - Features and Benefits:-

  • Open cell noise absorbing foam
  • Class O fire classification
  • Fibre free structure
  • Good load bearing capabilities
  • Lightweight and flexible

So if you'd like to cut down on unwanted noise, why not order some of our soundproof padding sheets today!?

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