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Isogenopak Short Radius Elbow W28x20

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  • Isogenopak Short Radius Elbow W28x20

Isogenopak is a lightweight, self-extinguishing, rigid PVC film, which is virtually impervious to water. It is designed to cover thermal and acoustic insulation fitted on internal pipes and ducts and provides an anti-static, easy to clean surface finish.


  • Designed for INTERNAL use only
  • Used extensively where a clean, hygenic surface finish is required e.g. food processing plants, hospitals, drug manufacturing units and schools.
  • Operating Temperature: -20oC - +65oC
  • Fire Performance: Meets the requirements of Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame when tested toBS476: Part 7: 1997 (as amended) when left in its natural light grey state.
  • Painting could adversely effect the fire performance of the material.
  • Full technical details available on request
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