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Armaflex Flat Sheet Class O

Armaflex Flat Sheet Class O Black Nitrile Foam Insulation

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  • Process work.
  • Hot and cold water services.
  • Chilled water lines.
  • Heating systems.
  • Air conditioning ductwork.
  • Refrigeration pipework and ancillary equipment.

Armaflex Black Foam Insulation Sheets.

Our Armacell Armaflex Class O black foam insulation sheets are available in several formats. Whether you require 2-meter tube lengths, long coils or a self-seal version, here at, we stock them all.

In addition to the above formats, our Class O black foam insulation sheets are also available as a flat sheet. These sheets are incredibly versatile. You can also use them as a soundproofing solution in any number of locations. They are also ideal for lagging non-standard shapes such as water tanks.

They are easy to cut to size. Our class O sheets are also suitable for wrapping around large bore pipe systems that are not covered by our Class O Tube and self-seal range.

As a bonus, all of our flat sheets are available in an adhesive version which makes installation much quicker. Just peel off the backing and apply directly to your pipe/surface. No extra glue required! Of course, all of our class O sheets come in a "plain" non-adhesive version as well. Armaflex sheets are one of the most flexible products on the market.

Armaflex Black Foam Insulation Sheets Features & Benefits:

  • Plain and adhesive options available.
  • Available in 2-meter tube lengths, long coils and self-seal versions.
  • Easy to cut to size.
  • Ideal for lagging non-standard shapes like water tanks and large bore pipe systems.

We offer the full range of Armaflex Adhesive and Non-Adhesive black foam insulations sheets. So why not select your size and order today? We have lots of stock ready for delivery!

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