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Armaflex Selfseal

Armaflex Self Seal Pipe Insulation Lagging Black Nitrile Foam Class O 2m

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  • Insulation Material: Armaflex Nitrile Foam Rubber with in-built Microban protection.
  • Length: 2 metre split foam with pre-applied adhesive strip.
  • Save up to 30 Percent on your installation times.
  • Built in water vapour barrier reduces risk of corrosion under insulation.

Armacell Armaflex Self Seal Pipe Insulation

Armaflex Self Seal Class O Nitrile Foam Rubber Pipe Insulation. Here at, all of our Armacell Armaflex pipe insulation class O nitrile foam pipe lagging is available in a self-seal version. We supply armaflex ready split with an adhesive strip. It is the ideal product to apply around existing pipework.

Remove the strip, place the lagging around your pipe and close the two seams together. Hey-presto! Your pipes are now insulated with the minimum of fuss. No more cutting and glueing as with closed-class O tubes. Armacell Armaflex pipe insulation self-seal will save you up to 30 Percent on your appropriate times.

Armacell Armaflex pipe insulation

Armaflex Self Seal has all of the same great lagging traits of the Class O closed tubes including:

  • Built-in water vapour barrier reduces the risk of corrosion.
  • Provides long term energy efficiency - when used alongside Armacell tapes and glues.
  • Built-in Microban antimicrobial protection reduces mould and bacteria growth.
  • Armaflex Self Seal Conforms to the latest European and British Fire standards.
  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit all most pipe sizes.
  • Always competitive armaflex pipe insulation prices.

Armacell Armaflex Pipe Insulation Self-Seal is one of the industry leading products for insulating a wide range of applications. Including, plumbing, heating and Air Con. With competitive armaflex pipe insulation prices available year round, why not choose your size and order today?

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