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Pipe Id Tape

Pipe Identification Tape UK

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  • Printed with UV resistant inks that won't fade in sunlight.
  • Superior adhesion (can be applied at - 5 C).
  • Superior in-service temperature range. Can be used on hot and cold service pipes.
  • Excellent chemical, water, oil & alcohol resistance.
  • Supplied in 33-metre rolls.

Pipe Identification Tape UK

RACS pipe identification tape is a banding tape with a difference. Conforming to BS1710 and BS4800 the product combines colour coding, arrows, service and flow/return where applicable on one easy to use self-adhesive tape. Its unique design allows the tape to turn through 360 while text and arrows orientated correctly.

This pipe marking tape has a durable polyethene face film with a permanent acrylic adhesive backing and comfortable peel release liner making it very user-friendly. It has excellent adhesion properties especially on synthetic materials and excellent resistance to water, oil and chemicals with a service temperature range of -20 to 100 C.

RACS pipe identification is available in 33-meter rolls in a range of the most popular services. It's simple one piece; site application takes the hassle out of pipe identification while giving the job a superior finish.

  • Tape length: 33 metres
  • Tape Width: 270mm
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