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Armasound SoundProof Sheet Insulation 1m Sq

Armasound SoundProof Sheet Insulation 1m x 1m

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  • Armaflex Armasound
  • Sound Proof Insulation Sheet
  • Size: 1m x 1m

SoundProof Sheet Insulation 1m x 1m Armasound Sheet

Armasound by Armacell Armaflex - The professional insulation for noise absorption.

ArmaSound is a versatile acoustic absorber designed for use in a variety of different acoustic applications. A high performance sound absorber which also offers additional transmission loss performance and both vibration damping and isolation properties, ArmaSound is the result of 4 years of research. The acoustic properties of ArmaSound vary depending on formulation, density and thickness. The best results will be observed by selecting the most appropriate product grade for the type of noise in question. ArmaSound can also be engineered to meet specifi c requirements by optimising its absorption behaviour to match particular problem frequencies. Sound Absorption Open cell structure with complex pore geometry allows for effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad frequency range Unique combination of physical properties allows absorption to be maximised at key nuisance frequencies.

Sound Transmission Loss Relatively high density and high fl ow resistance offers benifi cial sound tranmsission loss properties. May be suitable for use as an alternative to complex foam-barrier multilayers.

Vibration Damping and Isolation Visco-elastic properties help dampen or deaden resonance effects in metal panelwork (e.g. enclosures or ducting) which helps to reduce re-raditaion effects. Reduces structure-borne noise transmission when used as isolation pads.

ArmaSound RD 240 - Technical Product Data

  • Max. Surface Temperature +105C For temperatures above +105C, please consult our Technical Department. 
  • Max. Temperature for Flat Surface +85 C Min.
  • Surface Temperature -20C For temperatures below -20C, please consult our Technical Department.
  • Fire Performance V0 in accordance with UL94 Pass in accordance with FMVSS 302
  • Density 240 kg/m3
  • Tensile Strength  190 kPa
  • Elongation 54%

Resistance to Chemicals:

  • Organic solvents: Very Good
  • Mineral oils: Very Good
  • Dilute inorganic acids & bases: Very Good

Health Aspects: Dust & Fibre Free

Adhesive: Armaflex Adhesive 520 is recommended.

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