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Armacomfort AB Alu Plus Acoustic Insulation Sheet for Pipe Applications

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Material Type: Black EPDM-EVA Foam with Aluminium Coating

Sheet Length: 2 metres

Sheet Width: 1 metre

Thickness: 11mm

Armacomfort AB Alu Plus Acoustic Insulation for Commercial and Domestic Drainage Pipe Applications

2m x 1m x 11mm Sheet

Extraordinary absorption and damping performance for increased acoustic comfort on drainage pipes.

  • Specially designed to reduce noise from cast iron and plastic rainwater and waste pipes
  • Requires minimal space and highly flexible for ease of pipe connection
  • Weighted sound reduction index (Rw) = 28 dB

Technical Details:-

  • Material Type: Multilayer consists of an acoustic barrier EPDM-EVA Barrier of 2mm thickness with an Aluminium Foil and a decoupling Armaflex Foam of 9mm
  • Colour: Aluminium covering a black acoustic barrier with a black elastomeric foam
  • Uses: Armacomfort AB Alu Plus is used as acoustic insulation for wastewater, rainwater and sewage pipes in residential buildings

Armacomfort AB Alu Plus Must be applied with Armaflex 520 Adhesive and Armacomfort AB Alu Tape (sold separately)

ArmaComfort® is widely used as an acoustic insulation on waste water, rain water and sewage pipes. It has been specially designed for apartment buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, school buildings, retirement homes, shopping centres and conference centres.
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