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Armacell Scaffold Protect Padding Yellow Foam 2m x 48mm x 13mm x35 LPL 2B

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  1. Armacell Scaffold Protect.
  2. 13mm thick foam.
  3. Suits pipes with a diameter of 48mm.
  4. Length: 2 metres.
  5. Box of 35 Lengths - 75m in Total.
  6. Yellow.
  7. LPL 2B.

Scaffold Pole Foam Padding Protective Covering (Yellow) Hi-Vis LPL 2B Box of 35 Lengths 75m.

Box of 2m x 48mm x 13mm

35 Lengths per Box, 70 Metres in Total.

Protective tubes to encase wooden and metal posts on playgrounds, frames, scaffolds, scaffolding, gardens, play areas, homes, schools, recreation centres, swimming pools, sports posts, ski-ing areas, trampolines, and wherever you need robust protection against impact.

The polyethylene profiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and are easy to install.

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