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Rockwool Rocklap 1m Foil Backed Pipe Insulation Lagging-54mm-20mm-Wall

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  • Insulation Material: Foil Covered Mineral Wool Fibre
  • Insulation Thickness: 20mm
  • Suitable for Pipe Size: 54mm Diameter
  • Length: 1 metre

ROCKWOOL RockLap H&V Sections are pre-formed sections of stone wool insulation, manufactured pre-slit for ease of application and have a layer of factory applied foil facing and a self-adhesive lap. The self-adhesive lap allows the sections to be snapped onto the pipework, then backing tape used to completely seal the joint.

The sections have been designed to provide acoustic and thermal insulation to heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipework, from temperatures of 0˚C to 250˚C. The sections also have properties that allow them to insulate from frost damage.

RockLap H&V Sections are used for heating and ventilation pipes in a range of settings, through buildings, plants and other structures. The sections have been proven to deliver high performance thermal insulation in a range of settings with varying climates and degrees of exposure for over 60 years.

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