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Armaflex Self Seal Pipe Insulation Lagging Black Nitrile Foam Class O 2m-54mm-19mm-Wall

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  • Insulation Material: Nitrile Foam Rubber
  • Insulation Thickness: 19mm
  • Suitable for Pipe Size: 54mm Diameter
  • Length: 2 metres
  • Self Seal - Yes

Armaflex Self Seal Insulation. Speed Up Your Installation And Save Up To 30% Labour!

Armaflex selfseal is a thermal insulation fully slit along each length with two double sided self adhesive tapes already applied to each open slit surface. It is specially developed for pipe insulation where a fast and secure installation is needed, just fit the insulation and peel back the tape. It is also perfect for applications areas in confined or restricted working space . By eliminating the need of liquid adhesive it also becomes a reduced risk to the environment and improves health and safety in the workplace. Armaflex selfseal has a closed cell structure which has a built in vapour barrier with a high resistance to water vapour transmission enabling the insulation material to maintain a higher level of energy conservation efficiency.

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