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Armaflex Ultima Tube 2m

Armaflex Ultima Low Smoke Insulation Self-Seal and Un-Split Tube 2m

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  • Low smoke emissions in the event of a fire
  • Meets the requirements for sustainable construction
  • Complete insulation system solution with compatible adhesives and pipe supports

Armacell Ultima Low Smoke Pipe Insulation

Armaflex Ultima from Armacell - is the latest development in technical insulation from the industry leaders, Armacell. Armaflex Ultima is based upon the patented Armaprene technology. This technology was developed specifically by Armacell to create an insulation material that would produce very little smoke when burnt. Also, the material burns with a minimum of flame spread. In tests.

Armaflex Ultima is the first flexible technical insulation material in the world which complies with fire class BL-s1, d0. This low spread of flame, as well as low smoke production, is essential to ensure fire safety in public environments. Armacell Ultima is increasingly used as the go-to fire safety insulation in new-build public projects such as schools and hospitals, as well as significant office developments.
Ultima pipe insulation is supplied as 2-metre pre-slit self-seal tubes, or in a 2-metre non-split version in a range of different thicknesses. This pipe insulation is available to suit all the standard and not so common pipe sizes. A complimentary range of tapes and adhesives, specifically designed for use with Armacell Ultima are also available.

Armaflex Ultima Low Smoke Pipe Insulation - Features and Benefits:

  • Complies with latest UK and European Fire Regulations for Building Insulation
  • Low smoke-producing and low flame spread
  • Great Insulation Performance - uses patented Armaprene Foam Technology
  • Bespoke Adhesives and Tapes - ensure the whole installation is completed safely with a professional finish

Our Armaflex Ultima is available to order today. If you are unsure of your requirements or would like more information on this technical insulation, why not contact our sales team who will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

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