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Armaflex AC Coils

Armaflex Class O Endless Tube Air Conditioning Coils

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  • Armaflex Class O Nitrile Foam Rubber Pipe Insulation.
  • Endless coil format for use in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Hot and Cold water services and Heating systems.
  • Available in 9mm and 13mm thicknesses.
  • Coil length varies according to pipe size.

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Armaflex Pipe Wrap AC Box Coils

Armaflex pipe wrap Class O nitrile foam is the industry-leading product for pipe lagging. Insulating pipes found within Air-Con systems is essential. Following extensive research, Armaflex has been made with Air-Con Fitters in mind and is available as a continuous coil supplied in a handy box.

We supply Armaflex pipe wrap in all the standard Air-Con pipe sizes with a range of thicknesses. Also, this long coil of insulation is ideal for feeding onto the long pipework found in Air Con installations. Furthermore, the coils can easily be "sleeved" onto the pipe. Thus making the engineer's life a lot easier!

Finally, this continuous run of lagging ensures there are no needless joints. These joints could weaken the effectiveness of the insulation which could hinder performance.

  • Armaflex pipe wrap AC Box Coils
  • Covers long run of pipework in one go - no gaps equal no heat loss.
  • Longer lengths mean fewer cuts and therefore decreased installation time.
  • Supplied in a handy dispensing box.

If you are an Air Con Engineer who requires the best in system performance, then why not order our Armaflex AC Box coils today? Pick the size you need, and we'll dispatch the same day, with fast delivery!

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