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HT/Armaflex Glue HT625

HT Armaflex Glue (HT625) Pipe Insulation Adhesive

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  • HT Armaflex Glue (HT625) Pipe Insulation Adhesive.
  • For use with Armaflex HT Outdoor/High Temperature/Solar Insulation.
  • Specially formulated for a wide range of temperatures and applications.
  • Water-tight bonding of HT Armaflex and Armaflex DuoSolar insulation systems.
  • For operating temperatures up to +150 C.
  • High performance, one component industrial grade adhesive.
  • Low-viscosity air-drying contact adhesive.

HT Armaflex Glue HT625 Pipe Insulation Adhesive

HT625 Armaflex adhesive is a one-component adhesive; being developed to bond Armaflex insulation applied on high-temperature lines. Especially well matched with HT/Armaflex, it guarantees a homogeneous and safe bonding at joints and seams.

HT ARMAFLEX Pipe Insulation

HT Armaflex pipe insulation is a flexible, closed cell EPDM rubber insulation material with resistance to UV radiation for thermal insulation of pipes, vessels, ducts and solar panels, motor vehicles, hot gas lines, steam and dual temperature lines. HT Armaflex is suitable for applications up to 150 C with a thermal conductivity value of 0.042 W/(mɒK) at 40 C.

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