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Armaflex Tuffcoat

Armaflex Tuffcoat Class O 1m Underground Waterproof Pipe Insulation

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  • Insulation Material: Black Nitrile Foam Rubber with Polymeric Coating
  • Insulation Thickness: 13mm and 19mm
  • Length: 1 metre

Armaflex Tuffcoat Pipe Insulation

Designed specifically for outdoor and underground use, Tuffcoat pipe insulation is the ultimate pipe insulation where protection for mechanical impact is required. Armaflex Tuffcoat is constructed from two components.

  1. Armaflex Class O nitrile foam insulation and,
  2. A protective polymeric plastic protective cover bonded to the insulation. 

This combination enables Armaflex Tuffcoat to be buried on underground pipe systems without fear of corrosion or damage.

As well as providing all of the benefits of Armaflex Class O insulation, the plastic coating on Armaflex Tuffcoat pipe insulation provides significant protection to the more unusual situations encountered on external pipework. Specifically bird and rodent attack. Using the Armaflex Tuffcoat provides wonderful peace of mind for the long term.

Armaflex UV Resistant 

Tuffcoat pipe insulation is also UV resistant which means it can withstand the suns ultraviolet rays.

Armaflex Tuffcoat Pipe Insulation

  • Ultimate pipe insulation where protection for mechanical impact is required.
  • Can be buried on underground pipe systems without fear of corrosion or damage.
  • Provides significant protection to unusual situations encountered on external pipework like bird and rodent attack.
  • The Armaflex UV resistant protective cover provides for long-lasting protection against UV rays.
  • Quick and easy to install.

Our Tuffcoat Pipe Insulation is provided in one-metre lengths which have been split along their length. This makes them quick and easy to install. An integrated adhesive lap completes the installation. Just peel off the protective strip and seal along the length of the pipe. Hey, presto! A completely sealed and fully protected pipe.

We supply the full range of Armaflex pipe insulation catering for all the common and not-so-common pipe sizes encountered today. Call us today on 0161 775 1190 or order online for fast delivery!

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