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Armaflex 520 Adhesive

Armaflex 520 (ADH520) Pipe Insulation Adhesive

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  • Armaflex 520 (ADH520) Pipe Insulation Adhesive.
  • For use with Armaflex Class O Nitrile Foam Rubber Insulation.
  • Formulated for Armaflex Insulations.
  • Air-drying contact adhesive.
  • Years of on-the-job performance.

Insulation Adhesive - Armaflex 520 Adhesive Glue

Here at, we supply the full range of Armacell Armaflex Insulation products including the full range of Armacell insulation adhesive accessories like the Armaflex 520 adhesive. These accessories allow you to complete your installation to the highest professional standards.

Armaflex Glue

Armaflex 520 adhesive is the only insulation adhesive recommended for use with the full range of Armaflex Class O insulation products. The Armaflex 520 adhesive is a specially designed adhesive which enables the bonding of class O insulation. This Armaflex glue enables split lengths of insulation and sheeting to be bonded quickly and easily. It's also ideal for joining the seams of adjacent lengths of Armaflex pipe insulation tubes. Sealing the area where the sections "butt" together ensures the whole system maintains the vapour barrier created when the pipes are insulated.

The insulation adhesive is of low viscosity, so it is straightforward to apply. Also, once cured, the Armaflex 520 adhesive is stable up to temperatures of 105°C. This insulation makes it ideal for use on hot water pipes. You can be assured that the glued sections of insulation will maintain their integrity throughout the operational lifetime of the hot water system.

Insulation Adhesive - The Armaflex 520 Adhesive - Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for the full range of Armaflex Class O products including sheets, tubes and coils
  • Fast drying contact adhesive
  • Ideal for hot water systems - stable up to 105 degrees
  • Available in 3 sizes - 1/4, 1/2 and 1-litre cans
  • Adhesive can be used in the Armacell Gluemaster Pump - for quick and easy application
  • Can also be used to bond Armacell Tubolit Grey Polyethylene Foam Insulation

So why not complete your insulation job to the highest professional standards? Our Armaflex 520 adhesive glue is available to order today. Our warehouse currently has high stock levels. Order today for fast delivery!

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