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Since the company was founded by Wilhelm Kaimann in Hövelhof in 1959, Kaimann have been writing an impressive success story, and today, Kaimann are an internationally established manufacturer and developer of modern technologies in the field of elastomeric insulation products. Kaimann owe their great global successes, above all, to our consistent orientation towards continuous further development and optimisation in all areas of the company.

kaimann insulation

The driving force behind all of this has always been the Kaimann family itself. It is involved in every single process and, thanks to the necessary foresight and vision, continuously provides new impetus for improvements and innovations.

Kaimann therefore offer a broad portfolio of elastomeric insulation products for a wide range of applications and have a comprehensive distribution network covering more than 50 countries. Kaimann products ensure high efficiency, as well as safe and effective fire, noise and corrosion protection, and are used in the following sectors:

  • domestic applications
  • industrial manufacturing
  • foodstuffs industry
  • chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • heavy industry
  • oil and gas sector