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Armaflex Pipe Insulation Lagging Tape 50mm x 3mm x 15m Black Foam Class O

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  • Insulation Tape Length: 15 metres
  • Insulation Tape Width: 50 mm
  • Insulation Tape Thickness: 3 mm

Armaflex Pipe Insulation Lagging Tape Black Foam Class O Nitrile Rubber 15m x 50mm x 3mm thick.

Our Armaflex Pipe Insulation tape is the ideal product if you have a small length of pipework that needs insulating quickly. The lagging tape is 3mm thick with an adhesive back. Just wrap it around the pipe a few times, and you have a ready insulated pipe! This pipe lagging tape is also extremely versatile and can be a draught excluder on doors and windows.

The tape is tailor-made for use with all Armacell Armaflex Class O Insulation products, the industry leader in technical insulation. As such, the Armaflex Pipe Insulation Lagging Tape is the ideal product to give your installation a professional finish. Also, being made from Class O Nitrile foam rubber, the tape prevents heat loss from insulated joints, so ensuring the full length of your pipes is insulated.

Insulating pipe and ductwork are one of the most effective ways to protect the value of an investment. Aside from restricting energy loss, insulation also prevents condensation and the associated risks of pipe corrosion and mould growth.

Armaflex Class O Foam Pipe Insulation Tape - Features and Benefits

  • The Class O Armaflex Lagging Tape made from flexible, closed cell, elastomeric and nitrile rubber offering reliable protection against condensation and effectively prevents energy loss.
  • The tape is dust free, fibre free and CFC free with an ODP of zero, meaning it not only saved you money but manufactured in such a way that it's great for the environment.
  • Its inherent attributes and combination of properties make Armaflex a highly efficient method of insulating all kinds of pipes, including hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork and refrigerated pipework for condensation control.

So whether you want some pipe lagging tape for a quick insulation job, or require a professional finish to a major installation, why not call our sales team at on 0161 775 1190 and order your Armaflex Class O Foam Pipe Insulation Tape today.

Application Areas.

  • Process work.
  • Hot and cold water services.
  • Chilled water lines.
  • Heating systems.
  • Air conditioning ductwork.
  • Refrigeration pipework and ancillary equipment.
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