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Stopgel Pre-Assembled Pipe Heating Kits

Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing in Winter. Stopgel pipe heating kits by Flexelec are supplies in 5 pre -made lengths - just fit and plug in.

The kits must be used in conjunction with a suitable insulation. STOPGEL Anti Freezing heating cables have been specially designed for protecting metal piping against freezing. When properly fitted, the heating cables come into operation at + 5C and will protect your installation against freezing. Protect the water supply in housing, garages, car parks, gardens or on the roofs of buildings whose pipes need to be protected against freezing in winter. As heat insulation has made great progress, piping now runs through colder and colder areas.

Not only do they need to be lagged, but also heat losses must be offset to prevent freezing.

Supply drinking water to animals, studs and farms, both inside unheated buildings and in fields. Electrical trace heating must be used in conjunction with electrical and mechanical protection to ensure safety for the animals.

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